Post-GEC14 Status report for ORCA-AUG projects

Period: 03/12-07/12

  1. Major accomplishments

Continued to improve Camano-3.1-extended release that is in operation on ExoGENI racks.

At the same time development continued on Dungeness-4.0 ORCA, with a significant refactoring of the management interface API to the ORCA actors. The web portal that was used by operators to manage ORCA actor (AM, SM, Broker) states has been removed and replaced with a secure remote API. Development has begun on a shell app (called Pequod ) that would use this API in order to manage many actors at once, thus removing the portal scalability constraint.

As part of a related SDCI award, work has begun on porting NEuca capabilities to OpenStack Essex, with matching modifications to ORCA Camano-3.1-extended and Dungeness-4.0 done by this project.

Continued libABAC integration, which is expected to be used for ORCA authorization in Dungeness-4.0, once it is rolled out on ExoGENI racks in early 2013.

  1. Deliverables made

ORCA Camano-3.1-extended code is available to other ORCA adopters. The code has been deployed into existing infrastructure and the new ExoGENI racks at RENCI and BBN.

  1. Description of work performed during last quarter
  1. Activities and findings
  • Many stability improvements to Camano-3.1-extended as part of ExoGENI acceptance tests
  • Additional RSpec subschemas supported in GENI AM API
    • Post-boot scripts
    • Slice/sliver info
    • Many adjustments to improve compliance with RSpec conventions
  1. Project participants
  • Jeff Chase (Duke) and Ilia Baldine (RENCI) co-PIs
  • Yufeng Xin (RENCI)
  • Aydan Yumerefendi (Duke)
  • Victor Orlikowski (Duke)
  1. Publications (individual and organizational)
  • "ExoGENI: A Multi-Domain Infrastructure-as-a-Service Testbed" Ilia Baldine, Yufeng Xin, Anirban Mandal, Paul Ruth, and Chris Heerman; published at Tridentcom 2012
  1. Outreach activities
  • Tutorial at GEC14 showcasing ExoGENI and GIMI experimenter capabilities.
  1. Collaborations
  • ExoGENI
  • iGENI
  1. Other Contributions


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