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     1'''OFTRAIN Project Status Report'''
     3Report for the period: 2-Apr-2012 - 23-July-2012
     5Steven Wallace, InCNTRE, Indiana University
     9'''I. Major accomplishments'''
     11Updated course materials for hands-on OpenFlow workshop.
     13Conducted hands-on OpenFlow training January 22, 2012, in conjunction with the Joint Techs meeting in Baton Rouge LA. The workshop provided 27 attendees with hands-on experience building a real OpenFlow environment that included four Ethernet switches and multiple instances of OpenFlow controllers and Flowvisors.
     15Conducted hands-on OpenFlow training during the first week of February for D. Martin Swany's Network Systems Class at Indiana University. Students engaged in hands-on configuration of an OpenFlow network as well as were presented with an example of how to develop software to implement OpenFlow features using the NOX controller.
     20'''A. Milestones achieved'''
     22Developed OpenFlow training Materials (OFTRAIN: S4.a Develop and post training material).
     23Hosted two OpenFlow workshops: Internet2 Joint Techs and Indiana University (OFTRAIN: S4.b & S4b Host workshop).
     24PI (Matt Davy), Senior Personnel (Steven Wallace), and Graduate Student (John Meylor) participated in GEC13.
     26'''B. Deliverables made'''
     28Posted OpenFlow training Materials.
     29Conducted two OpenFlow hands-on workshops, one in coordination with Joint Techs, the second as part of a graduate level Network Systems course offered by Indiana University School of Informatics.
     32'''II. Description of work performed during last quarter'''
     34Development of course materials, purchase of equipment required to provide the hands-on experience (switches and PC for controller), and conduct a hands-on OpenFlow tutorial.
     37A. Activities and findings'''
     39The experience of conducting OpenFlow hands-on tutorials has led to improvement of the materials to further clarify concepts such as the role of FlowVisor, as well as motivated the inclusion of additional vendor equipment in the tutorial network.
     41'''B. Project participants'''
     43Matt Davy (PI), Steven Wallace (Senior Personnel), and John Meylor and Uwe Dahlmann (graduate students).
     45'''C. Publications (individual and organizational)'''
     47All course materials have been published on the InCNTRE web site.
     49'''D. Outreach activities'''
     51The OpenFlow tutorial was provided to a graduate-level computer science class offered at Indiana University. Future outreach will include on-line version of a subset of the lectures and exercises associated with the tutorial.
     53'''E. Collaborations
     54F. Other Contributions'''