OFTRAIN Project Status Report

Report for the period: 2-Apr-2012 - 23-July-2012

Steven Wallace, InCNTRE, Indiana University

I. Major accomplishments

Updated course materials for hands-on OpenFlow workshop (see attached file).

Conducted the following hands-on OpenFlow workshop:

14-May-2012 @ Indiana University (Indianapolis Campus), 13 students

17-May-2012 @ CIC conference center in Chicago, 21 students

27-June-2012 @ Indiana University (Summer of Networking Intern Program), 14 students

14-July-2012 @ Joint Techs Summer 2012, 20 students

15-July-2012 @ Joint Techs Summer 2012, 35 students

These workshop provided 103 attendees with hands-on experience building a real OpenFlow environment that included four Ethernet switches and multiple instances of OpenFlow controllers and Flowvisors.

A. Milestones achieved

Conducted OpenFlow workshops for 103 students based on much revised training materials and virtual training environment.

B. Deliverables made

New OpenFlow Workshop training materials attached.

II. Description of work performed during last quarter

Refinement of course materials, creating of a on-line environment where students can configure and test real switches that are remotely located.

  1. Activities and findings

Continuously incorporating feedback in to the course and its material. The OpenFlow standard has changed much since the being of this project and the course is evolving to present these changes.

B. Project participants

Matt Davy (PI), Steven Wallace (Senior Personnel), and John Meylor and Uwe Dahlmann (graduate students).

C. Publications (individual and organizational)

All course materials have been published on the InCNTRE web site.

D. Outreach activities

Active participation in the Internet2 SDN working group, including presentations and education materials. Conducted two hour open lecture on OpenFlow

E. Collaborations

  1. Other Contributions
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