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A Mobile Programmable Radio Substrate for Any-layer Measurement and Experimentation
a.k.a. MPRADIO

Technical Contacts

Principal Investigator: Kuang-Ching (KC) Wang, Clemson University Kuang-Ching Wang

Participating Organizations

Clemson University, Electrical and Computer Engineering

GPO Liaison System Engineer

Harry Mussman


This project will study and report on the capabilities recommended for a programmable radio substrate in GENI to best support wireless networking innovations. It is expected that a key capability should be to provide programmability and measurement at all layers. This project will also recommend the capabilities that should be included in the cognitive radio systems that are being developed in the “Cognitive Radios for GENI Spiral II” project.

Current Capabilities


MilestoneDate(MPRADIO: S2.a White paper on programmable radio substrate capabilities)?

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Quarterly Status Reports

4Q09 Status Report
1Q10 Status Report

Spiral 2 Connectivity

Participating Projects

Cognitive Radio

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