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    9393F. Other Contributions
    95 LEFA Project Status Report:
    96 July 2010 - Sept 2010
     98LEFA Project Status Report
     99Period: July 2010 –Sept 2010
     101I. Major accomplishments.
     102Demonstrated the use of identity federation and enterprise group control to manage many aspects of ORCA at GEC8.
     104A. Milestones achieved. 
     105Established a proof of concept that federated identity and group access controls can manage GENI experiments.
     107B.  Deliverables made.
     108The demo at GEC8 illustrated not only the use of federated identity but also the use of groups for access control.  Worked with the Cobham group and introduced them to COmanage and the issues and approaches to attribute creation at the enterprise and at the cluster/experiment level. The federation knot paper continues to draw comments.
     110II.  Description of work performed during last quarter
     112A.  Activities and findings
     113• Worked with ORCA and central IT staff at Duke to implement    Shibboleth/Grouper environment and to integrate Shibboleth with the ORCA portal.
     114• Developed demo showing authentication at the home campus and use of group memberships within CoManange to manage permissions at the GENI portal.
     115• Worked with TIED deployer to integrate Shibboleth with their attribute-based access control libraries.
     116• Held ongoing discussions with GPO on identity management and access issues.
     117• Delivered demo at GEC8.
     119B.  Project participants
     120Ken Klingenstein (Internet2), Principal Investigator: project direction, federation analysis, white paper development, participant in GENI CF discussions, liaison with Steve Schwab of Cobham and service as project liaison to the GPO.
     122Steven Carmody (Brown University), Senior IT Architect at Brown University and Project Manager of Internet2's Shibboleth Project: focus on engagement with ORCA and Planetlab on technical issues.
     124C. Publications (individual and organizational)
     126D. Outreach activities
     128E. Collaborations
     129ORCA control framework.
     130TIED project for Linking Attributes to policy engines for access control.
     131Cobham integrated. 
     133F. Other Contributions
     134Has provided GPO with advice on identity management activities in other venues, including government.