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Leveraging Emergent Federated Activities
a.k.a. LEFA

Technical Contacts

PI: Kenneth J. Klingenstein, Internet2
Steven Carmody, Brown University

Participating Organizations

Ann Arbor, MI

Brown University
Providence, RI

GPO Liaison System Engineer

Vic Thomas


The work will focus on enabling GENI for federated identity, developing options for supporting virtual organizations within the GENI community, brokering GENI's international requirements at the middleware layer, providing white papers on critical GENI topics in which the Internet2 middleware community has established expertise, requirements gathering for federated authentication/authorization and attribute aggregation across the GENI clusters, and on working closely with other peer proposals investigating related themes.

Current Capabilities


MilestoneDate(LEFA: S2.a Federation technologies within ORCA)?
MilestoneDate(LEFA: S2.b Demo at GEC 7)?
MilestoneDate(LEFA: S2.c Begin PlanetLab Engagement)?
MilestoneDate(LEFA: S2.d White paper on the federation knot in GENI)?

MilestoneDate(LEFA: S3.a Identify clearinghouse to be moved into InCommon)?
MilestoneDate(LEFA: S3.b Workshop at GEC10)?
MilestoneDate(LEFA: S3.c Roadmap for clearinghouses joining InCommon)?
MilestoneDate(LEFA: S3.d Demonstration and outreach at GEC11)?
MilestoneDate(LEFA: S3.e Updated roadmap for clearinghouses joining InCommon)?

Project Technical Documents

LEFA []Annual Review slides

Quarterly Status Reports

March 2010 Report
June 2010 Report
September 2010 Report
March 2011 Report

Spiral 2 Connectivity

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