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Project Number


Project Title

GENI-fying and Federating Autonomous Kansei Wireless Sensor Networks
a.k.a. KanseiGenie

Technical Contacts

Principal Investigator: Anish Arora, Ohio State University,,
Co-Principal Investigator: Rajiv Ramnath, Ohio State University,,
Co-Principal Investigator: Hongwei Zhang, Wayne State University,,

Participating Organizations

Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
Wayne State University, Detroit, MI

GPO Liaison System Engineer

Harry Mussman


The scope of work on this project is to adapt the large-scale prototype wireless sensor networks of Kansei Consortium to provide GENI-compliant interfaces and principles, to provide publically available support for programmability, virtualization, and slice-based experimentation, and to deploy three geographically dispersed sites in a federated arrangement. Also, provide periodic demonstrations, code releases and installation packages.

Furthermore, provide an experiment interaction dashboard as well as a scripting environment for composing long-running, complex/phased experiments. And finally, provide the Kansei Doctor, whose multi-level invariant-based detector-corrector modules will help make Kansei more self-repairing and autonomic.

Current Capabilities

The KanseiGenie software as well as its installation have been completed. The KanseiGenie software has been deployed at Kansei testbed as well as the PeopleNet testbed at the Ohio State University. They provide the following features:

  1. An integrated Research Portal that allows authenticated users to interact with XSM, TelosB, and Stargate arrays.
  2. Both web-based and programmatic interaction such as scheduling experiment and result retrieval are supported.
  3. Published and documented web service (in WSDL format) API:

Experiment plane API
"Control plane API
Measurement plane API
Site Authority API
Real-time messaging API.

  1. Kansei Doctor for testbed health monitoring. Health monitoring data also retrievable through web service API.
  2. Tested and running ORCA integration with KanseiGenie Broker deployed at RENCI. KanseiGenie Research Portal now serve as a proxy for the ORCA Service Manager. KanseiGenie handlers for ORCA resource 'join' and 'leave' events.


MilestoneDate(KANSEI: 1a Import a GENI-compliant control framework based on ORCA)? status
MilestoneDate(KANSEI: 1b Establish Kansei testbed clearinghouse)? status
MilestoneDate(KANSEI: 1c1 Refactor Kansei researcher portal-)? status
MilestoneDate(KANSEI: 1c2 Integrate Kansei researcher portal-)? status
MilestoneDate(KANSEI: 1d1 Refactor Kansei component and aggregate managers-)? status
MilestoneDate(KANSEI: 1d2 Integrate Kansei component and aggregate managers-)? status
MilestoneDate(KANSEI: 1e Implement, integrate and document v1.0 software)?
MilestoneDate(KANSEI: 1f Demo basic virtualization and experiment control functions)?
MilestoneDate(KANSEI: 1g Open Kansei testbed to GENI users)?

MilestoneDate(KANSEI: S2.a Remote access)?
MilestoneDate(KANSEI: S2.b Cluster plan for VLANs between testbeds)?
MilestoneDate(KANSEI: S2.c Extend researcher portal to support workflow management)?
MilestoneDate(KANSEI: S2.d Extend researcher portal for use with Kansei and Neteye)?
MilestoneDate(KANSEI: S2.e Bring up NetEye testbed at WSU)?
MilestoneDate(KANSEI: S2.f Connections from Kansei and NetEye to Internet2)?
MilestoneDate(KANSEI: S2.g Import extended ORCA v2.1)?
MilestoneDate(KANSEI: S2.h Demo experiment using Kansei and NetEye)?
MilestoneDate(KANSEI: S2.i Collaborate with GMOC)?
MilestoneDate(KANSEI: S2.j POC to GENI response team)?
MilestoneDate(KANSEI: S2.k POC to GENI security team)?
MilestoneDate(KANSEI: S2.l Contribution to GENI outreach)?

MilestoneDate(Kansei: S3.a Demonstration at GEC9 and Experimenter Outreach)?
MilestoneDate(Kansei: S3.b Documentation)?
MilestoneDate(Kansei: S3.c Demonstration at GEC10 and Experimenter Outreach)?
MilestoneDate(Kansei: S3.d Documentation)?
MilestoneDate(Kansei: S3.e Demonstration at GEC11 and Experimenter Outreach)?
MilestoneDate(Kansei: S3.f Final report and code release)?

Project Technical Documents

KanseiGenie Project
Kansei Sensor Network Testbed
NetEye Sensor Network Testbed

KanseiGenie Infrastructure Description
KanseiGenie technical documents
KanseiGenie Research Portal Help Document
KanseiGenie Installation Package Download and Instructions

Quarterly Status Reports

KanseiGenie: 4Q08 Status Report
KanseiGenie: 1Q09 Status Report
KanseiGenie: 2Q09 Status Report
KanseiGenie: 3Q09/Annual Status Report
4Q09 Status Report
1Q10 Status Report
2Q10 Status Report

Spiral 1 Connectivity

Location of equipment:

Lab at Ohio State University
Lab at Wayne State University

See KanseiGenie Infrastructure Description for equipment decriptions.

Ohio State is using their own public IP addresses (please specify). Wayne State IP addresses are TBD. Los Alamos National Labs IP addresses are TBD.

This project will begin with IP connectivity only.

Layer 2 connectivity is TBD.

IT contact at Ohio State University: Rajiv Ramnath
IT contact at Wayne State University: Hongwei Zhang

Participating Projects

KanseiGenie Project
Kansei Sensor Network Testbed
NetEye Sensor Network Testbed

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