6th European Immersive Education Summit

Dates: June 21-23


University of Padua





Clemson University

GPO (and/or other Boston location)

University of Wisconsin Madison

University of Missouri-Kansas City

Corporations, universities and K-12 students are all invited to participate at the US locations.

Applications: GENI Cinema Minecraft VR Googlecardboard VR applications peer-to-peer

Coordinator: Daniel Green, Immersive Education Initiative (


Multiday conference, with remote sites, focusing on June 21 because activities will at the University of Padua that day. Later days are at a remote location, and network availability and test time at the remote site are not yet specified.

On June 21, stream videos of the conference sessions and demos to US locations that will be participating remotely using GENICinema with different channel choices. Clemson is coordinating GENI Cinema. Expected US locations are Boston, Kansas City, Clemson and UW Madison. Reserve bare metal servers in GENI racks for video processing and distribution. Expected bandwidth from Padua is 200Mbps (100 per camera), but could be higher depending on what camera setup they use. There is a 1Gbps connection in place at Padua at the conference location. We are targeting the MAX InstaGENI rack as the USEendpoint for the initial video stream from Padua. GENI Cinema will process and redistribute from MAX.

On June 21 in parallel with video, support Minecraft VR application, which is running on GENI racks (curreently at UMKC). No specifics about the Google Cardoboad applications at this time. Commercial IP can support Minecraft VR and Google aps, unless performance to US has too much delay/jitter. May take advantage of layer2 if it is available to improve performance. GENI Cinema uses layer2 VLANs and OpenFlow.

Live testing from Padua endpoint scheduled for 5/24.

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