I've attached an initial attempt at generalizing the gemini extensions into a more friendly measurement extension.

Basically, we replace gemini:node with measurement:relation and gemini:services with measurement:services.

A measurement:relation has a type (e.g. parent, child, etc.), and optional name (so we can specify a client_id), and the target_urn attribute.  The URN would be the AM that this node is the "parent" or "coordinator" for, defined by the relation type.

The measurement:services gives us a way to list service type (e.g. GEMINI, GIMI, etc.) along with a descriptive name.  Each sub-element is either enable or disable.

An example in rspec could look like:

<measurement:relation type="parent" name="global_node" target_urn=""/>

<measurement:relation type="child" name="mp_node" target_urn=""/>

  <measurement:enable type="GEMINI" name="passive"/>
  <measurement:disable type="GEMINI" name="active"/>

I just whipped this up in a few minutes so suggestions/concerns are welcome.

- ezra 

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