How to Install geni-lib on a VM using Virtual Box and Vagrant

As of Fall '15, if you have a mac running 10.10, geni-lib won't work. Instead boot up a VM on your local machine and install geni-lib there.

We find the combination of VirtualBox and vagrant is really easy to use:

  1. Install VirtualBox
  2. Install vagrant
  3. Download a file describing the VM
    mac> mkdir genilib # make a directory for genilib
    mac> cd genilib
    mac> curl -O  # an Ubuntu 12.04 LR 32-bit image
  4. Download the omni.bundle using the browser on your mac, but then copy the omni.bundle file from the Downloads directory to the same directory as your Vagrantfile.
    mac> cp ~/Downloads/omni.bundle . # copy your omni.bundle to this directory
  5. Bring up the VM and login:
    mac> vagrant up # create an 12.04 LR 32-bit Ubuntu virtual machine with geni-lib installed
    mac> vagrant ssh # login to your VM
  6. Then when you configure geni-lib, run the following command inside your VM instead of the listed instructions:
    ubuntu> context-from-bundle --bundle /vagrant/omni.bundle
  7. You should now be able to test your setup following the usual steps.
  8. When you are done
    ubuntu> exit
    mac> vagrant halt # to shutdown your VM (vagrant destroy will completely delete the VM causing you to lose all your work)
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