GEC13 - GENI "Hive Mind" Report

Period: December 1, 2011 - March 1, 2012

I. Major accomplishments this period

A. Milestones achieved this period

Hive: Year 3.b Security Experimentation & Hive Mind based monitoring. Due 3/16/12.


B. Deliverables made this period

Hive Year 3.b Security Experimentation & Hive Mind based monitoring. Due 3/16/12.

  • Demonstrate how the Hive Mind based monitoring system can be used to collect information on an experiment's environment. (Completed)
  • Plan for making information about the environment available to experimenters/others though a portal such as the one being developed by NICTA. (Completed)
  • Organize and lead a workshop/session on security experiments in GENI. (Completed)

II. Description of work performed during this period

A. Activities and findings

We demonstrated our Hive Mind prototype at GEC13. Concurrently, we are also making progress on implementing a user portal for configuring and monitoring the Hive Mind system. Currently the Hive Mind is controlled and monitored via a series of shell scripts. We are creating a web-based interface to interact with these scripts and the logs that are output by the Hive Mind, which drive the monitoring dashboard. This interface will be ready in beta form by our next July 27 milestone.

B. Current project participants

PI: Sean Peisert (UC Davis)

Senior Personnel:

Matt Bishop (UC Davis) Steven Templeton (UC Davis)

C. Publications (individual and organizational) this period


D. Outreach activities this period

Prof. Peisert is again serving as program co-chair of the 5th Workshop on Cyber Security Experimentation and Test (CSET '12) in August, 2012:

This workshop will have considerable discussion of and focus on testbeds, including GENI.

E. Collaborations this period

Our project is now collaborating closely with the "Attribution for GENI" project (PI: M. Bishop, UC Davis). Together, we are working toward shared goals, using shared project resources.

We also are working with staff at the DETER project, who are facilitating our implementation and experimental work on DETER, and with Rob Ricci, who is facilitating our implementation and experimental work on ProtoGENI. We are grateful to the staff at both projects for their valuable help.

F. Other Contributions


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