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    77=== Log in ===
    8 Log in using the user name/password you received in email when you joined your first GENI working group mailing list.  You must be a member of a GENI working group mailing list or the dev list to get an account.  Any [ GENI mailing list] with a "-wg" suffix is a working group mailing list.  You cannot change your password on the wiki, because the wiki password is based on your mailing list password.  Wiki accounts are created once every business day, so there will be a delay between the time you are approved for a mailing list and the time you get your wiki account.
     8To request an account on the GENI wiki, send e-mail to ``.  You will receive a username and password when your account has been created.  Your username will be the e-mail address from which your account request was sent.  You cannot change your password on the wiki at present.  If you have forgotten your password, e-mail `` for a reminder or reset.
    1010At the bottom of any editable page, you should see the buttons that let you change wiki contents:  "Edit this page," "Attach File," "Delete this version," and "Delete this page."  Once you choose one of these actions, you will get appropriate buttons to carry out the selection, as well as an editing window if you need one.