Progress Report for the GENI Experiment Engine: GEC 20

Contract Deliverables

  • Demonstrated real experiment using GEE at GEC-20
  • Presented GEE at GEC 20 Experimenter Tools Session
  • Demonstrated GENI-Wide File System at GEC-20

Technical Progress

  • Integrated the GENIExperimentEngine slice with the VirtualTopologyService slice, conserving GENI physical machines and giving an avenue for programmable networking in future using GEE
  • Brought the GEE Portal to production quality and integrated it with GENI's authentication service.
  • Developed demonstration-quality network file system over Swift
  • Brought up the Beanstalk messaging service and deployment commands to use it in a slicelet.
  • Developed and tested a reverse proxy to permit slices to offer location-based services over port 80.
  • Removed a number of security holes in the portal.
  • Expanded range of actions offered through the portal as planned in GEC 19 status
  • The number of pre-allocated slicelets is now continually topped up, so there are always 10-20 available slicelets.

Ongoing Issues

  • We remain highly reliant on GENI VLANs for the networking elements of the GENI Experiment Engine, and we need a guarantee that the VLANs that we allocate will be stable over, essentially, the lifetime of GENI -- at a minimum, we require some notice before a VLAN is torn down
  • Need to continually renew the GEE slice on GENI, and reallocate slivers. The GEE, particularly the GEE Compute Engine, is designed as a set of long-running, stable services, not short-run experiments.

Outreach Activities

  • GENI Experiment Engine presentation at GEC-20
  • GENI Experiment Engine tutorial at US Ignite summit

Plans for GEC 20

  • Bring filesystem and proxy to production-quality implementation
  • Cleanup bug reporting and logging in the portal, and add alerts on errors, etc.
  • Recruit a small number of experimenters to participate in GEE beta program
  • Investigate design alternatives for GEE Slicelet hosts. We currently run in PlanetLab nodes, but could potentially do this in OpenVZ ProtoGENI images, and/or OpenCloud images
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