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GENI Desktop Tutorial (Summer Camp 2015 UConn)

This tutorial consists of three parts:

  • Basic GENI Desktop Operations
  • Brief Introduction to OpenFlow
  • Flow Installation and Monitoring in GENI Desktop

Important URLs

I. Basic GENI Desktop Operations

  • Part I: Setup
    • Follow the instructions of the general GENI Desktop tutorial to create a three-node topology.

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  • Part II: Excute
    • Step A: Copy a file to the selected nodes.
    • Step B: Login to the selected nodes.
    • Step C: Run a command on the selected nodes.
    • Step D: Copy a file from the selected nodes.
    • Step E: Monitor the traffic of the selected interface.
  • Part III: Finish
    • Teardown experiment

II. Introduction to OpenFlow

A brief introduction to OpenFlow can be found at [ ]

III. Flow Installation and Monitoring

  • Part I: Setup
    • Step A: Create two slices, one for the controller and one for an experiment using OVS nodes.
      • Pick "Public IP address" for the controller node.
      • The slice with OVS nodes consists of three OVS nodes and two Xen nodes.
    • Step B: Figure out the IP
    • Step C: Run an initialization script to point
  • Part II: Execute
    • Install, list, and delete flows on the experiment
    • Monitor per-flow performance
  • Part III: Finish
    • Teardown experiment

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