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     3== Creating a Slivers using JACKS in the Geni Portal ==
     7<table border="0">
     9      <tr>
     10       <td >
     11         <ol  type='a'>
     12            <li>Follow any GENI tutorial on using JACKS in the GENI portal. One of then is illustrated at <a href=""> here </a></li>
     13            <li>Wait for the resources to turn Green (READY) as shown in Figure 1-1. </li>
     14         </ol>
     15      </td>
     16      <td>
     18        <img border="0" src="" alt="Jacks Viewer"  width="400" title="Jacks Viewer at Geni Portal" /> <br />
     19         <b>Figure 1-1</b> <i>Resources Ready.</i></br></br>
     20       </td>
     21      </tr>
     22      <tr>
     23       <td>
     24         <ol  type='a' start='2'>
     25            <li>Click on the <b>GENIDesktop</b> button in the Slice Tools section on your slice page at the Geni Portal.</li>
     26          </ol>
     27       </td>
     28       <td>
     30        <img border="0" src="" alt="GENI Desktop Button"  width="400" title="GENIDesktop button at the Geni Portal" />
     31<br />
     32         <b>Figure 1-2</b> <i>GENIDesktop Button in the Slice Tools section at the GENI Portal .</i></br></br>
     33       </td>
     34    </tr>
     35    <tr>
     36       <td >
     37         <ol  type='a' start='3'>
     38            <li>If not already logged into the GENIDesktop, you may be asked to do that. This has been explained in the <a href="" >previous sections</a></li>
     39            <li>GeniDesktop requires the addition of a Global Node to work. If you are sure you want to use this slice with the GeniDesktop, Click on the <b>Add Global Node</b> Button show in the figure on the right</li>
     40   </ol>
     41<i><b>NOTE</b> : For more details on what a Global Node is, <a href="">click here</a></i>
     42       </td>
     43       <td>
     45        <img border="0" src="" alt="Adding Global Node"  width="400" title="Add Global Node" />
     46<br />
     47         <b>Figure 1-3</b> <i>Add Global Node Option</i></br></br>
     48       </td>
     52<ol  type='a' start='5'>
     54            <li>The Global Node is then added to your slice and booted up by the Aggregate</li>
     56          </ol>
     57       </td>
     58       <td>
     60        <img border="0" src="" alt="Adding Global Node"  width="400" title="Adding Global Node" />
     61<br />
     62         <b>Figure 1-4</b> <i>Global Node being Added</i></br></br>
     63       </td>
     64    </tr>
     65 </table>
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