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Creating a Slivers using JACKS in the Geni Portal

  1. Follow any GENI tutorial on using JACKS in the GENI portal. One of then is illustrated at here
  2. Wait for the resources to turn Green (READY) as shown in Figure 1-1.
Jacks Viewer
Figure 1-1 Resources Ready.
  1. Click on the GENIDesktop button in the Slice Tools section on your slice page at the Geni Portal.
GENI Desktop Button
Figure 1-2 GENIDesktop Button in the Slice Tools section at the GENI Portal .
  1. If not already logged into the GENIDesktop, you may be asked to do that. This has been explained in the previous sections
  2. GeniDesktop requires the addition of a Global Node to work. If you are sure you want to use this slice with the GeniDesktop, Click on the Add Global Node Button show in the figure on the right
NOTE : For more details on what a Global Node is, click here
Adding Global Node
Figure 1-3 Add Global Node Option
  1. The Global Node is then added to your slice and booted up by the Aggregate
Adding Global Node
Figure 1-4 Global Node being Added

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