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    1 '''''Draft Instructions'''''
    2 = Installing Fedora 8 for MyPLC =
    3 == System Configuration ==
    4 === SELinux ===
    5 You probably need to disable {{{SELinux}}} in order to get MyPLC working. If you go through a wizard during install that asks about {{{SELinux}}}, set it to {{{disabled}}}. If not, edit {{{/etc/selinux/config}}} (as root) to set {{{SELINUX=disabled}}}.
    6 === Firewall ===
    7 For development on the internal network, you may want to simply disable the firewall altogether. Otherwise you'll need to open a few ports. You'll need to allow ssh (port 22), and you'll also probably need to allow access via ports 12345, 12346, and 12347 to access SFA.
    8 == Networking ==
    9 If you have trouble with networking, like the network not starting until a user logs in, you need to disable {{{NetworkManager}}} and enable {{{network}}}. The following commands (executed as root or via sudo) will disable !NetworkManager and enable the traditional network startup.
    10 {{{
    11 /sbin/chkconfig NetworkManager off
    12 /sbin/chkconfig network reset
    13 }}}
    14 Finally, enable ssh to allow remote access to the machine:
    15 {{{
    16 /sbin/chkconfig sshd reset
    17 }}}
     1Please see GpoLab/MyplcReferenceImplementation for updated documentation on MyPLC with SFA.