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Draft Instructions

Installing Fedora 8 for MyPLC

System Configuration


You probably need to disable SELinux in order to get MyPLC working. If you go through a wizard during install that asks about SELinux, set it to disabled. If not, edit /etc/selinux/config (as root) to set SELINUX=disabled.


For development on the internal network, you may want to simply disable the firewall altogether. Otherwise you'll need to open a few ports. You'll need to allow ssh (port 22), and you'll also probably need to allow access via ports 12345, 12346, and 12347 to access SFA.


If you have trouble with networking, like the network not starting until a user logs in, you need to disable NetworkManager and enable network. The following commands (executed as root or via sudo) will disable NetworkManager and enable the traditional network startup.

/sbin/chkconfig NetworkManager off
/sbin/chkconfig network reset

Finally, enable ssh to allow remote access to the machine:

/sbin/chkconfig sshd reset