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    2020|| Slice Authorities Recognized || Currently in GENI, a slice authority issues the user certificate, the user credential, and the slice credential. List recognized slice authorities in this space such as the GENI Project Office (, ProtoGENI (, and/or PlanetLab ( ||
    2121|| Usage Policies || Aggregate specific policies on who can use resources, how many resources can be held for how long, etc. ||
    22 || Aggregate Manager URL     || URL for AM compatible with GENI AM API e.g. ||
     22|| Aggregate Manager URL     || ||
    2323|| Sample RSpecs             || Cut-and-paste text RSpecs that work for your resources ||
    2525= Aggregate Management =
    26 || Aggregate Operator || Name of organization that operates the aggregate manager. Link to URL of organization. ||
    27 || Resource Owner || Name(s) of the organization(s) that owns the aggregate resources, if different from the operator of the aggregate manager. If this information cannot be provided (such as with aggregates consisting of contributed resources), provide a statement about who provides the resources. ||
    28 || Operation POC || Contact information for person or team that operates this aggregate ||
    29 || Technical POC || Contact information for the PI or research team that develops/maintains the aggregate ||
    30 || Developer Links ||   OpenFlow announcement list:
    31 OpenFlow development list:
    32 OpenFlow discussion list:
    33 OpenFlow Indigo firmware list:
    34 OpenFlow announcement list:  ||
     26|| Aggregate Operator || Primary Contact: Emulab Operations group will be the first contact for Operations since the device is handling [wiki:GeniAggregate/UtahProtoGeni ProtoGENI] and the GENI OpenFlow resources.  [[BR]]  Secondary Contact: Univ. of Utah Center for High Performance Computing (CHPC) ||
     27|| Resource Owner || University of Utah and Utah Education Network -||
     28|| Operation POC || Primary Contact: [[BR]]  Secondary Contact: ||
     29|| Technical POC || ||
     30|| Developer Links ||   OpenFlow announcement list: [[BR]] OpenFlow development list: [[BR]] OpenFlow discussion list: [[BR]] OpenFlow Indigo firmware list: [[BR]] OpenFlow announcement list:  ||