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Aggregate Name

UtahUEN-OpenFlow Aggregate

The UEN/Univ of Utah Regional aggregate supports the GENI Aggregate Provider Agreement (10/01/2012).

Aggregate Overview

Aggregate Resources As of 10/01/2012, the UtahUEN-OpenFlow Aggregate consists of a single HP switch that supports an InstaGENI implementation and the ProtoGENI implementation via Hybrid mode. This configuration will change in 2013 to include another aggregate HP switch for Data Center connectivity.
Typical Experiments The UtahUEN-OpenFlow Aggregate infrastructure will support any experiment on the InstaGENI and ProtoGENI infrastructure (wireless, security, protocol development, driver development, etc.)
Aggregate Web Page The Univ. of Utah and UEN Overview page gives more information on the site, design, etc.
Aggregate Status Link to monitoring web page with current status (operational status, resources available, etc) -- Coming
Layer 2 Connectivity The UtahUEN-OpenFlow Aggregate connects both to the GENI OpenFlow backbone and the ProtoGENI backbone. The Aggregate supports VLANs to both backbones through the use of HP's hybrid mode. A diagram of the design is: UEN GENI network diagram

Experimenter Support

Guides and Documents Links to docs/web pages describing how experimenters can request, program/configure and control aggregate resources. If at all possible, help docs should include example experiments that use the aggregate resources.
Support Link to experimenter support mailing list. If available, information on mailing lists, newsgroups, blogs, call centers, etc. set up to support experimenters using aggregate resources.
Compatible Tools Experiment control tools, instrumentation tools and programming tools that are compatible with this aggregate.

Using this Aggregate

Slice Authorities Recognized Currently in GENI, a slice authority issues the user certificate, the user credential, and the slice credential. List recognized slice authorities in this space such as the GENI Project Office (, ProtoGENI (, and/or PlanetLab (
Usage Policies Aggregate specific policies on who can use resources, how many resources can be held for how long, etc.
Aggregate Manager URL URL for AM compatible with GENI AM API e.g.
Sample RSpecs Cut-and-paste text RSpecs that work for your resources

Aggregate Management

Aggregate Operator Name of organization that operates the aggregate manager. Link to URL of organization.
Resource Owner Name(s) of the organization(s) that owns the aggregate resources, if different from the operator of the aggregate manager. If this information cannot be provided (such as with aggregates consisting of contributed resources), provide a statement about who provides the resources.
Operation POC Contact information for person or team that operates this aggregate
Technical POC Contact information for the PI or research team that develops/maintains the aggregate
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OpenFlow development list: OpenFlow discussion list: OpenFlow Indigo firmware list:

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