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3rd I&M Workshop on GENI I&M Tools: DRAFT Agenda

Tuesday, Nov 2, 2010, 9:00am - 12noon
Room: ?
Meeting Chair: Martin Swany (University of Delaware)

This workshop will bring together developers and potential users of GENI Instrumentation and Measurement systems. Developers will have an opportunity to present current and forthcoming features of their I&M efforts. Users will be able to learn about the tools that are available to them, as well as providing feedback about their experiments' needs.


9:00am All

Goals and Overview

9:05am Martin Swany (University of Delaware) [ slides]

INSTOOLS: Instrumenting and Monitoring Slices

9:10am Jim Griffioen and Hussamuddin Nasir (University of Kentucky) [ slides]

OML Tutorial

9:55am Jolyon White (NICTA) [ slides]

10:40am Break

perfSONAR Tutorial

10:50am Martin Swany and Guilherme Fernandes (University of Delaware) [ slides]

OnTime Measure Tutorial

11:35am Prasad Calyam (Ohio Supercomputing) [ slides]

Suggestions for Tools and for I&M WG

11:50am Open Discussion

12noon Adjourn

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