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I&M WG meeting at GEC8: Agenda and Notes

Thursday, July 22, 2010, 9:00am - 10:30am
Room: Presidents 2


9:00am All

Major WG issues and goals

3:35pm Paul Barford (University of Wisconsin)

Instrumentation Tools Project (1642)

3:50pm Jim Griffioen (University of Kentucky)

OMF/OML Project (1660)

4:05pm Max Ott (NICTA)

LAMP using perfSONAR (1788)

4:20pm Guilherme Fernandes (for Martin Swany) (University of Delaware)

GENI I&M Architecture

4:55pm Harry Mussman (GPO)
GENI I&M Architecture document (15min)

Next Steps for WG

5:10pm Bruce Maggs (Duke University)

I&M WG process:
+ It was agreed that there should be more I&M WG engineering meetings, where members meet, present proposed solutions, and then review them.
+ How the WG actually reaches a consensus is still TBD.

Topics discussed among WG were:
+ MD schema
+ I&M services
+ I&M use cases

Review for Planary

5:25pm Harry Mussman (GPO)

10:30am Adjourn

6:30pm BoF dinner, organized by Harry Mussman, location Parizade Restaurant

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