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Cluster-E and WiMAX Deployment Meetings at GEC8, Agenda and Notes

Tuesday, July 20, 12noon - 4:30pm



WiMAX Base Station and WiMAX Client Platform Kits

Ivan Seskar: Overview

Ivan Seskar: Handset and Other Client Options

WiMAX Base Station Setup and Installation OMF

Gautam Bhanage, Manu Gosain and Ivan Seskar: Setup of Base Station

Gautam Bhanage, Manu Gosain, Tony Michel and Harry Mussman: Experience with Installation at BBN
Thanasis Korakis: Experience with Installation at NYU Poly

Demo of Base Stations at WINLAB, BBN and NYU Poly

Gautam Bhanage, Manu Gosain and Tony Michel

Thanasis Korakis

WiMAX Range and Capacity

Tony Michel: Early Measurements from Installation at BBN

Status and Plans of Campus Deployment Projects

Columbia University (1770) PI: Henning Schulzrinne

Polytechnic Institute of NYU (1751) PI: Thanasis Korakis
UCLA (1797) PI: Mario Gerla, Giovanni Pau

Wisconsin (1724) PI: Suman Banerjee

UMass Amherst (1731) PI: Mark Corner, Brian Lynn

Colorado: (1768) PI: Dirk Grunwald, Gary Yee Univ. of Colorado, Boulder

BBN Technologies, Cambridge MA

Stanford Univ

NEC America

Additional Campus Kits

Dipankar (Ray) Raychaudhuri: Possible Solicitation 3 Proposal

Research Use Cases

Dipankar (Ray) Raychaudhuri: Discussion of research use cases and planned experiments.

Demos for GEC9

Federation of Testbeds on Multiple Campuses