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Cluster-E and WiMAX Deployment Meetings at GEC8, Agenda and Notes

Tuesday, July 20, 12noon - 4:30pm



WiMAX Base Station and WiMAX Client Platform Kits

Ivan Seskar: Overview

Ivan Seskar: Handset and Other Client Options

WiMAX Base Station Setup and Installation OMF

Gautam Bhanage, Manu Gosain and Ivan Seskar: Setup of Base Station

Gautam Bhanage, Manu Gosain, Tony Michel and Harry Mussman: Experience with Installation at BBN
Thanasis Korakis: Experience with Installation at NYU Poly

Demo of Base Stations at BBN and NYU Poly

Gautam Bhanage, Manu Gosain and Tony Michel

Thanasis Korakis

WiMAX Range and Capacity

Tony Michel: Early Measurement from Installation at BBN

Status and Plans of Campus Deployment Projects

Columbia University (1770) PI: Henning Schulzrinne

Polytechnic Institute of NYU (1751) PI: Thanasis Korakis
UCLA (1797) PI: Mario Gerla, Giovanni Pau

Wisconsin (1724) PI: Suman Banerjee

UMass Amherst (1731) PI: Mark Corner, Brian Lynn

Colorado: (1768) PI: Dirk Grunwald, Gary Yee Univ. of Colorado, Boulder

BBN Technologies, Cambridge MA

Stanford Univ

NEC America

Additional Campus Kits

Dipankar (Ray) Raychaudhuri: Possible Solicitation 3 Proposal

Research Use Cases

Dipankar (Ray) Raychaudhuri: Discussion of research use cases and planned experiments.

Demos for GEC9

Federation of Testbeds on Multiple Campuses