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Agenda for Cluster-D meetings at GEC6

Nov. 16, 1pm - 5pm

1. Project Introductions

(please concentrate on vision and Spiral 2 critical milestones)

1.1 DOME

Brian Lynn slides

1.2 ViSE and Cloud

David Irwin ViSE slides Cloud slides

1.3 ERM

Caroline Lai, Michael Wang slides
Also associated with LEARN and IMF


Wenjie Zeng slides
Now working with Oklamoma State

1.5 OKGems

Andy Li slides
OKGems is going to use p/o KANSEI for sensors


Deniz Gurken slides

1.7 IMF

Ilia Baldine slides


2.1 Anacortes 1.2 Overview

Ilia Baldine slides
Not yet in use, but soon at RENCI
No new features
Bug fixes
Improved configuration process

2.2 Logs

See Varun, Jeff

2.3 Papers for TridentCom wanted

Jeff Chase

We would like to encourage GENI participants to submit papers about their work to TridentCom, the international conference on network testbeds. The deadline has been extended until after GEC.

TridentCom 2010
Title: 6th International Conference on Testbeds and Research Infrastructures for the Development of Networks and Communities
Submission Deadline: 2009-11-22
Dates: May 18-20, 2010
Location: Berlin, Germany

The convergence and evolution of networks and services is driving a need for flexible experimentation environments that respond to a large and diverse set of requirements. Major programs around the globe have started to develop and deploy large-scale testbeds, including GENI in the U.S., FIRE in Europe, AKARI, CNGI, and others in Asia. The testbeds range from small dedicated environments up to large-scale environments that should exhibit properties anticipated by the future network. TridentCom 2010 is a forum to explore existing and planned testbed concepts, infrastructures, and tools.

2.4 "Book" on ORCA Control Framework Architecture and Internals

Jeff Chase reference

2.5 Lease cancellation feature

DOME requests
Is it useful? How would you use it?
One solution: short term leases
Define new feature:

2.6 Broker querying feature

KANSEI requets
Existing functionality and future enhancements

2.7 Other Spiral 2 planned ORCA features as identified in the roadmap

2.8 Federation issues

DOME requests approach
Combining existing experimenter portals with ORCA actors and ORCA portal

Nov. 17, 1pm - 3pm

2.9 Identity management

How are you doing it? What are your plans? What should we do cluster-wide?
Varun Marupaldi slides

3. Cluster-D connectivity

3.1 Existing connectivity to Internet2, NLR and other fabrics

Harry Mussman Fig 1-4, page 4, of drawing

3.2 iGENI presentation

Joe Mambretti
iGENI to use Starlight and GLIF resources, per slides
Connecting GENIwith iGENI slides

3.3 LEARN presentation

Deniz Gurkin and Paul ? slides

VLAN ID ranges:
LEARN 3200 - 4000
NLR-LEARN-BEN 2500 - 2042

What experiments?
Need good set of experimentw to attrach interest at campuses who would connect to LEARN
Need beacon to advertise resources
Soon: actor registry; and what is delegated to brokers

3.4 Summary of Cluster D VLAN connectivity

Harry Mussman drawing

Expected Step 1:
BEN, UMass Amherst, BBN, Ohio State and LEARN-connected aggregates are interconnected through NLR
NLR Framenet, LEARN and regionals provide VLAN connections that join aggregates, that can be reserved,or possibly setup on demand.
Each aggregate connects its resource to the VLAN connection endpoint

Next: Ilia, Joe, Deniz to plan VLAN mappings by NLR Framenet, LEARN and regionals that join aggregates.

Expected Step 2:
iGENI is used to extend connectivity beyond Step 1

4. Ongoing Cluster D Interactions

Monthly PI calls Calls on specific topics Resource description Plan for GEC7 demos

Topic: accessing substrate not directly connected to public internet (i.e. NAT/firewall traversal)

Topic: Resource representation ORCA plans to embed declarative resource specifications using NDL (visit similar discussion at the CF WG as well) Co-existence of alternative resource representations in a single framework Planning workshop on NDL

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