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Please upload your GEC4 presentation here. You can either add it as an attachment to this page or create a linked wiki page in the appropriate spot in the agenda below. (Click on the Help/Guide link in the top right hand corner of the page if you haven't done this before.) If you use an attachment, please reference the agenda section in which it belongs and your name in the attachment comment or title. If you have any problems adding your presentation or wiki pages, please contact Erin Keohane ( The username/password for adding content to this wiki is the same as your GENI working group mailing list username/password. If you don't have a working group mailing list account, you can sign up for one here or email your presentation to Erin, who will upload it for you.

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Tuesday, March 31

Newcomers' Session (full session, 9MB, PDF)

Wednesday, April 1

Welcome, Chip Elliott (1MB, PPT)
GENI Spiral 1 at Six Months, Chip Elliott (4.5MB, PPT)

GENI Security Workshop Report, Matt Bishop (500KB, PPT)
FIND Experimental Requirements, David Clark (200KB, PPT)

Thursday, April 2

OMIS Working Group presentations and agenda

Cluster E Status, Max Ott (PPT, 34KB) Cluster D Status, Ilia Baldine (PPTX, 700KB)

GPO Wrap-Up

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