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*GENI PLANNING GROUP DOCUMENTS ARE NO LONGER CURRENT. See GpoDoc and the GENI project and working group pages for up-to-date documents and specifications.*

GMC specifications (WSDL / XSD Index)

Web Service Description Language (WSDL) and XML Schema Description (XSD) files:

These service definitions are for a SOAP instantiation of the given services. The bindings define the examples as SOAP instantiations, but are otherwise not very interesting, so only WSDL is provided for them. The data types and message and operations descriptions are provided both in WSDL/XSD and as a more human-readable HTML file, generated from the source. Generally people will want to read the HTML.

For an overview of the GENI Architecture, refer to GENI Design Document GDD-06-11

Resource data types are the beginnings of a resource specification.