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OnTime Measurements Evaluation

This evaluation includes reviews of the following wiki pages:

Evaluation Time Frame: February 14 and 15, 2012

On Time Measurement Findings

Evaluation of the OnTimeMeasure Experimenter Tutorial turned up an installation problem which prevented the MySQL package from installing. After manually installing MySQL, service still did not run properly. Started a new experiment, which also ran into problems with nodes not running the expected packages for Root and Node Beacons, this issue was also resolved. After these initial changes, was able to successfully complete the OnTimeMeasure Experimenter Tutorial. Upon completion a summary of issues was captured as feedback about the tutorial.

On Time Measurement How-to

OnTimeMeasure Experimenter Tutorial Review

The details captured in this section were executed as part of the evaluation for the OnTimeMeasure Experimenter Tutorial. Please note that the captures in this page provide a highlight the process followed for validating the instructions in the tutorial. All details were not captured because the instructions provided were very detailed.

First try: Used the instructions that made use of importing an OnTimeMeasure Rspec.

  1. As instructed, requested user account at OnTime User Registration page.
  1. Reviewed instruction for getting account, generating keys and certificate, no issue found in the instructions.
  1. Using flack, create a slice and sliver using the rpsec provided in the tutorial, no issues found, so not captured here.
  1. Upon completion of sliver setu-up verified the Root and Node Beacons by connecting to the host URL on port 17291. Found that RootService had not started due to a MySQL installation issue, which was resolved by a patch.

Note: If the RootService is not running one can kill the supervisord process and then re-invoke it by issuing the command supervisord in the directory /opt/OnTimeMeasure/RootBeacon, which did not work, so rebooted to get all processes, which worked.

  1. Configured the root and node beacons in the /opt/OnTimeMeasure/OnTimeControl/config.yaml, and tried to check the measurement service status. At this point ran into another MySQL access problem, and based on suggestion started a new experiment.

Second Try : For this run through, chose the path that guides the user through the manual compute resource definition using the flack client.

  1. Created a slice and defined sliver resources for Root and Node Beacons, as shown in tutorial. The Node Beacon did not run as expected, there was no package installed on the nodes. This issue was due to instruction syntax issues on the wiki pages, which were addressed.

Third Try: Re-executed the Flack Client path.

  1. Created a slice named LN4OTM and defined compute resources as defined in tutorial's Create Slice using Flack section instructions:

  1. Once sliver creation was completed and waiting 5 minutes as instructed, confirmed the installation of Root Beacon by connecting to its web server at

  1. Verified that Node Beacon named Node1 had properly started at its web server locations:

  1. Verified that Node Beacon named Node2 had properly started at its web server locations:

  1. Set up a request for a measurement setup for the slice at the OnTime Web Portal

  1. Specified measurements to be collected for the Node Beacons:

  1. Selected specific measurements to be collected:

  1. Started measurement processes:

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