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Spiral 3 GENI Integration Release 2

Spiral 3 software milestones that are available by September 2011 will be evaluated as part of the GENI Integration Release (GIR) 3.2. The following page provides a full list of GIR 3.2 software milestones that are GIR 3.2 candidates. The list of evaluation candidates will be comprised of software, demonstrations, and resources milestones that are captures by priority within each Network Cluster and that have a software component available to GENI users. This page will capture the state of GIR 3.2 evaluation for selected candidates by priority and on a first-come first-serve basis.

ProjectStatusEvaluation DetailsGIR
OnTime MeasuramentColor(#ffffff , #2E8B57, Completed)?GIR3.2_OnTimeMeasuraments Yes
InstrumentationTools Color(#ffffff , #2E8B57, Completed)? GIR3.2_INSTOOLS Yes
EnterpriseGeni Color(#ffffff , #2E8B57, Completed)? GIR3.2_EnterpriseGENI Yes
GUSHColor(#ffffff , #2E8B57, Completed)?GIR3.2_GushProto Yes
WiMAX Color(#ffffff , #2E8B57, Partially Completed)? GIR3.2_WiMAX Yes
Integrated Measurement Framework Color( #ffffff, #0000ff , In Progress)? GIR3.2_IMF TBD
ERM Color( #ffffff, #0000ff , In Progress)? GIR3.2_ERM TBD
NetKarmaColor( #ffffff, #0000ff , In Progress)?GIR3.2_NetKarma TBD
Kansei Color( #ffffff, #0000ff , In Progress)? GIR3.2_kansei TBD
Measurament System Color( #ffffff, #0000ff , In Progress)? GIR3.2_MeasuramentSystems TBD
DiCloud Color( #ffffff, #808080 , Post-GEC12)? GIR3.2_DiCloud TBD
ScalableMonitoring Color( #ffffff, #ffa500 , Incomplete)? GIR3.2_ScalableMonitoring --
OFIU Measurement Manager Color( #ffffff, #ffa500 , Incomplete)? GIR3.2_MeasurementManager --

For details about software made available before March 31st, see the GIR 3.1 wiki page.

For details about the evaluation guidelines used in the GIR 3.2 effort, please refer to the GENI Spiral 3 Integration Release Guidelines document.

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