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Embedded Real-Time Measurements Evaluation

The Embedded Real-Time Measurements (ERM) project had a deliverable that required the delivery of the NetFPGA hardware source code and simulation source code used in developing an experiment to highlight the advantages of the ERM system. The images validated in this effort were found at the GENI ERM page. Both the ERM Simulation Source Code and the NETFPGA Code were attachments at the GENI ERM page.

Embedded Real-Time Measurements Findings

Embedded Real-Time Measurements How-to

Unapack Simulation file:

 $ unzip GENI\ 10\ 

Unpack Netfpga file:

sudo apt-get install unrar
$ unrar e geni_umf_v3_3pin.rar 

UNRAR 3.90 beta 2 freeware      Copyright (c) 1993-2009 Alexander Roshal

Extracting from geni_umf_v3_3pin.rar

Extracting                                              OK 
Extracting  config.txt                                                OK already exists. Overwrite it ?

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