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F. Analyze

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In Section F we went through the exercise of retrieving data from iRODS to a local computer. In this Section, we will introduce two different methods that can be used to analyze the measurement data. Analysis of measurement data obtained with OMF/OML is not limited to these two methods, we simply use them for demonstration purposes.

G.1 R Scripts

One potential way to visualize the data is making use of R, which provides a visualization language. For this tutorial, we have create a set of R script, which we briefly discuss in the following.

The first script creates a plot of the RTTs for each ping that's carried out in the experiment. The following code snipped shows part of the R script that is used to plot a single ping (to

con <- dbConnect(dbDriver("SQLite"), dbname = "gimi30-ping_all.sq3")
mydata <- dbGetQuery(con, "select dest_addr,rtt from pingmonitor_myping where dest_addr=''")
rtt <- mydata$rtt
plot(rtt,type="o",col="red",xlab="Experiment Interval",ylab="RTT (ms)")
title(main="Ping Experiment to IP address", col.main="blue", font.main=4)

G.2 omf_web

5) Analyze and visualize measurement results after completing run of experiment

  • if necessary, retrieve measurement results from archive service

  • analyze and format results as desired, for visualization with presentation service

  • as appropriate, store analyzed results and/or visualization in storage service Back to previous step Forward to next step Back to tutorial main page

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