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GIMI: Large-scale GENI Instrumentation and Measurement Infrastructure
a.k.a GIMI

Technical Contacts

PI Michael Zink, University of Massachusetts at Amherst (
Co-PI Max Ott, NICTA (
Key personnel Ilia Baldine, RENCI (

Participating Organizations

University of Massachusetts at Amherst



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Network-agile multi-provisioned infrastructure for GENI and ExoGENI

GPO Engineers

GPO System Engineer: Harry Mussman

GPO Software Engineer: Jeanne Ohren


This project will develop and deploy the GIMI instrumentation and measurement framework, capable of supporting the needs of both GENI experimenters and GENI infrastructure operators. It uses the ORBIT Measurement Library (OML) and integrated Rule Oriented Data System (iRODS) as its basis. It will provide libraries to instrument resources, to filter and process measurement flows, and to consume measurement flows. It will use the iRODS data grid for archiving and further processing. It will include access control based on accepted GENI policy and authorization mechanisms.

Strategy and Goals

Its first goal is to provide easy-to-use I&M services for experimenters, who are deploying slices in GENI on selected types of servers, VMs and racks, interconnected by various types of network paths.
Its second goal is to provide comprehensive infrastructure measurement services for infrastructure operators, who are deploying measurement slices on selected types of servers, VMs and racks, interconnected by a various types of network paths. In addition, slices established by other infrastructure operators, or by experimenters, can be authorized to gather data from the measurement slices.

This project will build and operate two persistent services: the GENI Measurement Data Archive service (i.e., iRODs)and the GENI Experimenter Portal Service. These can be utilized by all types of GENI I&M services, including those developed in the GEMINI project. The GENI Experimenter Portal Service will be developed in cooperation with the GEMINI project, to support both GIMI and GEMINI tools. This project will use the GENI Measurement Data Object Descriptor (MDOD) schema, defined for use by all GENI I&M services.

It may utilize two persistent services provided by the GEMINI project: the GENI Global I&M Registry (i.e., UNIS), and the GENI Event Messaging Service.

The GIMI project will use the configuration shown in the diagram below.

GIMI I&M Tools Configuration (p6)

Operational Capabilities


Spiral 4

Status Reports and Demonstrations

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GEC13 Demo Poster

Software Releases and Acceptance Tests

GIMI v1.0 Design Topics

GIMI v1.0 Architecture and Tutorial Plan

GIMI v1.0 Integration Plan

GIMI v1.0 Integration Status?

GIMI v1.0 Acceptance Test Plan

Tutorials and Experimenter Support

GEC13 Demo Description
GEC13 Demo Poster

ORCA/ExoGENI Tutorial at GEC13

Combined ExoGENI and GIMI Tutorial at GEC14

GIMI v1.0 Tutorial Instructions

Technical Documents

Basic experimenter use case

iRODS use cases

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