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Tutorial: Experimentation in a Multi-site GENI WiMAX Network using Orbit Management Framework (OMF)

At TridentCom 2012, June 11, 2012

Ivan Seskar (Rutgers WINLAB, North Brunswick, NJ, USA)
Fraida Fund (Polytechnic Institute of New York University, New York, USA)
Abhimanyu Gosain (GENI Project Office, Cambridge, USA)
Harry Mussman (GENI Project Office, Cambridge, USA)

The tutorial provides attendees a hands-on experience using Orbit Management Framework (OMF) to define IP and Non-IP experiments across a multi-site GENI WiMAX deployment. The tutorial focuses on using OMF, a resource management, experiment control, and measurement framework to define and conduct experiments on a multi-site WiMAX deployment. This tutorial demonstrates the use of OMF experimenter tools to control and tune parameters of a complex WiMAX Base station to carefully collect and analyze test results in a repeatable manner. We will focus on the OMF interface for WiMAX and demonstrate the communication between WiMAX clients over the GENI layer two network.

1. Introduction to GENI WiMAX

Aim: Motivation for GENI WiMAX, and brief overview.


In this section, we will introduce the motivation for GENI WiMAX sites also give a brief overview of the architecture of the WiMAX testbeds.

2. Arrangements for this tutorial

Aim: Learn how to login to WiMAX site.

Requirements: Active participants will need a laptop equipped with an SSH client (such as Putty for Windows) and a web browser.

Participants will login to designated sites using their assigned credentials, to begin the hands-on portion of the tutorial.

3. Starting an experiment

Aim: Learn how to reset a GENI WiMAX testbed to a usable state before starting an experiment.

Participants will learn how to begin an experiment with a "fresh slate" by loading a new disk image onto their nodes and resetting the WiMAX base station to its default state.

[ Demo #3]

Instructions #3

This requires coordination between different teams using the same BS, since only one team should reset a given BS at a time.

4. Basic WiMAX RSSI experiment

Aim: Learn how to run a simple OMF experiment, connect to GENI WiMAX using OMF, and view captured data during and after the experiment.

Participants will run a simple OMF experiment in which two nodes are configured to connect to the GENI WiMAX network and their WiMAX RSSI and CINR is stored by OML and plotted on the web interface during experiment runtime. They also learn how to use the result service of the AM.

[ Demo #4]

Instructions #4

(Since several users will be running experiments on the same AM in parallel, not all users will find their web interface at port 4000.)

This experiment does not require coordination between different teams using the same BS.

5. Iperf UDP broadcast receiver experiment

Aim: Learn how to send/receive traffic over the WiMAX link.

Participants will extend the previous simple experiment. Each of their nodes will be assigned an IP address and will listen for UDP traffic from a broadcast sender, using iperf. The iperf bandwidth and packet loss will be plotted on the web interface.

[ Demo #5]

Instructions #5

This experiment does not require coordination between different teams using the same BS.

6. Saving BS configuration to OML

Aim: Learn how to retrieve and examine WiMAX BS configuration.

Participants will run an OML-ized script that retrieve the WiMAX BS config and stores it in an OML database.

[ Demo #6]

Instructions #6

This experiment does not require coordination between different teams using the same BS.

7. Varying modulation and coding

Aim: Learn how to change the configuration on a GENI WiMAX BS.

Participants will run an OMF experiment that turns off adaptive modulation and coding, then varies the MCS used at regular intervals during experiment runtime. Participants can see the effect of varying MCS by observing the packet loss graph shown in the web interface.

[ Demo #7]

Instructions #7

This experiment requires coordination between different teams using the same BS. Only one team should change the BS settings at a time.


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Support (NYU-Poly Testbed) (WINLAB Testbed) (OMF)

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