US Ignite InstaGENI Racks Project

The US Ignite InstaGENI (IG) Racks follow the process below to deliver experimenter resources:

Ordering US Ignite InstaGENI Racks

Please contact Scott Turnbull <> for quotes and information on purchasing US Ignite InstaGENI racks.

US Ignite InstaGENI Design

US Ignite InstaGENI racks are based on the InstaGENI Design.

USIgnite racks were built later than most other GENI racks, and thus have some hardware differences from original racks (Differences documented for racks in place as of August 2017.) All US Ignite racks use Gen 9 servers, 10G fiber dataplane interfaces, and updated data (5406R) and control (3800) plane switches. US Ignite racks have twice the memory of older InstaGENI racks (5x16GB each node) and larger disks (Worker nodes: 5x4TB USI vs. original 1 TB Control node: 4x4TB USI vs. original 4x1TB). Finally, USIgnite racks include 5 GPUs (one per worker node). Changes to the InstaGENI rack software supporting the USIgnite specifications were submitted to the University of Utah InstaGENI software repository.

Site Deployment

A site survey is completed by each site for each site deployment. The site survey capture all site specific information that will be initially configured for the rack, such as network details and initial local site administrator account. Once the rack has undergone the initial setup based on the site survey, the GPO works with Campus Engineering to set up and coordinate testing of the control, OpenFlow, and campus connections, as well as site monitoring. Deployed and in-progress racks are listed on the US Ingite IG Sites InstaGENI Sites page.

The GPO also executed US Ignite IG Site Confirmation Tests to validate the introduction of each new site by focusing on experimenter, administrative, monitoring and network connectivity for GENI Stitching. See the US Ignite IG Confirmation Test Status page for all US Ignite IG sites. This page captures status as sites are deployed and validated for general use by Experimenters. Upon completion of the site confirmation tests, campus engineering will be able to fully manage resources and access monitoring data for their site.

The US Ignite Project is a special deployment of the InstaGENI Racks. Details for each of the planned US Ignite racks site can be found in these pages:

Racks Administration

The InstaGENI Administration page provides details about administrative tasks for the racks and available documentation for managing an InstaGENI site.

See the InstaGENI Rack Monitoring page for details about available rack monitoring features. Not all monitoring features are available on a USIgnite rack.

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