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IG-EXP-3: InstaGENI Single Site 100 VM Test

This page captures status for the test case EG-EXP-3, which verifies the ability to support 100 VM in one rack. For overall status see the InstaGENI Acceptance Test Status page.

Test Status

This section captures the status for each step in the acceptance test plan.

Step State Date completed Ticket Comments
Step 1 Color(yellow,Complete)?
Step 2 Color(yellow,Complete)?
Step 3 Color(yellow,Complete)?
Step 4 Color(yellow,Complete)?
Step 5 Color(red,Fail)? instaticket:32Cannot create 1 exp w/100 VMs
Step 6 Color(orange,Blocked)?
Step 7 Color(orange,Blocked)?
Step 8 Color(orange,Blocked)?
Step 9 Color(orange,Blocked)?
Step 10 Color(orange,Blocked)?
Step 11 Color(orange,Blocked)?
Step 12 Color(orange,Blocked)?
Step 13 Color(red,Fail)? instaticket:32Cannot create 2 exp w/50 VMs
Step 14 Color(red,Fail)? instaticket:32Cannot create 4 exp w/25 VMs
Step 15
Step 16

To better capture the findings of each 100VM scenario, the following table is added for each scenario tested:

Test Scenario Results
Scenario 1: 1 Slice with 100 VMs Color(red,Fail)?
Scenario 2: 2 Slices with 50 VMs each Color(red,Fail)?
Scenario 3: 4 Slices with 25 VMS each Color(red,Fail)?
Scenario 4: 50 Slices with 2 VMs each
Scenario 5: 100 Slices with 1 VM each
Scenario 6: 10 Slices with 10 VMs each Color(red,Fail)?

State Legend Description
Color(green,Pass)? Test completed and met all criteria
Color(#98FB98,Pass: most criteria)? Test completed and met most criteria. Exceptions documented
Color(red,Fail)? Test completed and failed to meet criteria.
Color(yellow,Complete)? Test completed but will require re-execution due to expected changes
Color(orange,Blocked)? Blocked by ticketed issue(s).
Color(#63B8FF,In Progress)? Currently under test.


Status for test prerequisites:

Prereq: Traffic generation tools may be part of image or installed at experiment runtime.

Status: Done: Only using ping with mixed sizes and rates for now.

Prereq: Administrative accounts exist for GPO staff on the Utah InstaGENI rack.

Status: GPO as administrative account on InstaGENI Rack.

Prereq: GENI Experimenter1 account exists.

Status: DONE, will use credentials for

Prereq: Baseline Monitoring is in place for the entire Utah site, to ensure that any problems are quickly identified.

Status: Blocked on prerequisite tests completion.

Test Plan Steps

Step 1. As Experimenter1, request ListResources from Utah InstaGENI

Issue the following:

$ ./src/ -a insta-utah listresources --api-version 2 -t GENI 3 -available -o

Note: "insta-utah is a nick_name for the aggregate

Step 2. Review ListResources output, and identify available resources

RSpec does not provide insight into what is available.

Step 3. Write the Scenario 1 RSpec that requests 100 VMs evenly distributed across the experiment nodes using the default image

Created a 100 VM grid scenario.

Step 4. Create a slice

 $ ./src/ -a insta-utah createslice 100vmgrid

Step 5. Create a sliver in the slice, using the RSpec defined in step 3

Used the following;

 $ ./src/ -a insta-utah createsliver 100vmgrid ./instarspec/insta-100vm-grid.rspec  --api-version 2 -t GENI 3

FAILED: See instaticket:32

Step 6. Log into several of the VMs, and send traffic to several other systems

FAILED: See instaticket:32

Step 7. Step up traffic rates to verify VMs continue to operate with realistic traffic loads

FAILED: See instaticket:32

Step 8. Review system statistics and VM isolation (does not include network isolation)

FAILED: See instaticket:32

Step 9. Verify that several VMs running on the same experiment node have a distinct MAC address for their interface

FAILED: See instaticket:32

Step 10. Verify for several VMs running on the same experiment node, that their MAC addresses are learned on the data plane switch

FAILED: See instaticket:32

Step 11. Review monitoring statistics and check for resource status for CPU, disk, memory utilization, interface counters, uptime, process counts, and active user counts

Step 12. Stop traffic and delete sliver

Step 13. Re-execute the procedure described in steps 1-12 with changes required for Scenario 2 (2 Slices with 50 VMs each)

Commands used:

 $  ./src/ -a insta-utah createslice 2exp-50vm
 $  ./src/ -a insta-utah createsliver 2exp-50vm ./instarspec/insta-100vm-grid.rspec  --api-version 2 -t GENI 3
 $ ./src/ -a insta-utah sliverstatus 2exp-50vm  --api-version 2 -t GENI 3 -0

FAILED: See instaticket:32

FAILED: See instaticket:32

Step 14. Re-execute the procedure described in steps 1-12 with changes required for Scenario 3 (4 Slices with 25 VMS each)

 $ ./src/ -a insta-utah createslice 4exp-25vm
 $ ./src/ -a insta-utah createsliver 4exp-25vm --api-version 2 -t GENI 3 ./instarspec/insta-25vm-grid.rspec 
 $ ./src/ -a insta-utah createslice 4exp-25vma
 $ ./src/ -a insta-utah createsliver 4exp-25vma --api-version 2 -t GENI 3 ./instarspec/insta-25vm-grid.rspec 
  *** 25 nodes of type pcvm requested, but only 20 available nodes of type pcvm found
*** Type precheck failed!

Step 15. Re-execute the procedure described in steps 1-12 with changes required for Scenario 4 (50 Slices with 2 VMs each)

Step 16. Re-execute the procedure described in steps 1-12 with changes required for Scenario 5 (100 Slices with 1 VM each)