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Follow this procedure to grab the password hash for submission of monitoring data, and send that hash to the GMOC ( for use with your monitoring data.

This assumes you have already generated a password for GMOC monitoring data submission and put it in a local file. (We further assume that file is /usr/local/etc/monitoring_passwd, because the tango-monitor client utilities use that password location, but obviously the local file location does not matter for purposes of this procedure.)

  1. Determine the password hash by running the following command:
openssl passwd -apr1 -stdin < /usr/local/etc/monitoring_passwd
  1. Send the hash to Please:
    • Use 'measurement api secret' as the subject of your message.
    • Include the exact name which you would like GMOC to use for your site in the body of the message. (If you have previously been submitting data to the GMOC dev site, this is the <site> name, including spelling and capitalization, which you used to identify yourself there.)
  1. The GMOC will send you the production url. This is the url that should be placed on as the DestURL on the measurement exporter config.