Lab Zero: A First Experiment Using GENI and Jacks Tool


This is a first, simple experiment on GENI useful for familiarizing new experimenters with GENI and the tools for using GENI.

The IP Routing portion of this assignment has been provided by Mike Zink

What you will learn

The high levels goals for this exercise are to:

  1. Do a simple but complete GENI experiment
  2. Learn and use 5 GENI terms: experimenter, project, slice, resource, and aggregate
  3. Use the GENI Experimenter Portal and Jacks

Specifically, during this exercise you will:

  • Use your GENI account for the first time and do some one time setup
    • Login to the GENI Experimenter Portal for the first time
    • Join a Project
    • Specify ssh keys for use logging into resources
  • Learn how to reserve, login to, and release resources in GENI
    • Create and renew a slice
    • Generate and reserve your own topology of GENI resources using Flack
    • Learn how to login to compute resources using ssh
    • Learn how to delete resources in GENI
  • Understand the difference between the control and data plane interfaces on each node
  • Use these resources to do a very simple first experiment
    • Use ping to test connectivity between the reserved resources
    • Use ifconfig to identify your data and control plane interfaces

Experiment Topology and Setup

route topology

Reserve three VMs at the same location connected in a triangle topology.


Background information about pre-requisites, tools, resources, and where to get help.


  • Part I: Design/Setup
    • Step 1: Design Experiment
    • Step 2: Establish Management Environment
    • Step 3: Obtain Resources
  • Part II: Execute
    • Step 4: Configure and Initialize Services
    • Step 5: Execute Experiment
    • Step 6: Analyze and Visualize Experiment
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