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    1212= Reservation with other tools =
    1313When students are reserving resource with other tools then only their key is created on the nodes. To help your students debug in this case you should ask your students to load to their account a common public key. This process has two steps
    14 == Generate and load SSH Keypairs ==
     14== A. Generate and load SSH Keypairs ==
    1515To generate an SSH Key pair use [ keygen].
    1616  1. In a terminal run
    2222    *  Make sure to remember the passphrase you set.
    2323  3. Run `ls` to see the contents of your directory. There should be two files generated from the previous command:
    24     * `common-key`: This is the private key
    25     * ``: This is the public key
     24    * `common-key`: This is the private key. You keep this to your self and maybe share it with the professor of the class and other admins of the project.
     25    * ``: This is the public key. This is the key you give to the students to load to their profile.[[BR]]
    2626    Tip: If you have too many files try to filter the output to be easier to find you keys. Try:
    2727    {{{
    2828       ls comm*
    2929    }}}
     30  4. Load the public key to your portal profile.
     31     i. Login to the portal and under the ''Profile'' tab and load the ''SSH Keys'' tab
     32     ii. Click on the upload another ssh key button.
     33     Warning: If there are no public keys in a profile and you upload one then you will not have option for the portal to generate one for you. Make sure your students have '''first generated their SSH Key pair''' and  '''then upload the common key'''.
     35== B. Access nodes ==