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Portal Reservation

When the students reserve resources through the portal then the lead and the admin gets accounts in the compute resources as well. Let's try that:

  1. Login to the portal and load the Slice Tab
  2. Choose the slice called sliceaccess-portal
  3. Check the status for all the aggregates in the slice. Where does this slice have resources?
  4. Press the Details button and wait until all the information is loaded.
  5. Login to the node using your own account

Reservation with other tools

When students are reserving resource with other tools then only their key is created on the nodes. To help your students debug in this case you should ask your students to load to their account a common public key. This process has two steps

Generate and load SSH Keypairs

To generate an SSH Key pair use keygen.

  1. In a terminal run
  2. Follow the instructions:
    • You can name your key anything you like, for this exercise name it common-key
    • Make sure to remember the passphrase you set.
  3. Run ls to see the contents of your directory. There should be two files generated from the previous command:
    • common-key: This is the private key
    • This is the public key Tip: If you have too many files try to filter the output to be easier to find you keys. Try:
         ls comm*