GENI Inter-Aggregate Stitching Tutorial

Appendix A

If you have not downloaded your keys from the portal then you should download them add them to the SSH agent. You can download the SSH keys from the profile tab in the GENI portal.

SSH to hosts and hostname info

There are multiple ways that you can get ssh and hostname information for your slice. In this appendix we are going to describe two ways: through the GENI portal and the readyToLogin script. If you are on a Windows computer use the GENI Portal method. For Mac OS and linux systems both methods are good.

GENI Portal

After you login to the GENI Portal find your slice and load it. After you do that press on the Resource Details button:

This will load a new page with the information for all the hosts in the topology (scroll below the diagram for the second aggregate). The page will look like that:

You can click on the SSH link to load a terminal. This will work on Mac OS and on Firefox browser with the FireSSH installed (independent of the operating system). In Linux you can copy and paste the SSH command to a terminal.

readyToLogin script

readyToLogin script is part of the Omni/gcf package. Open a terminal and run:

readyToLogin MySlice --useSliceAggregates

The end of the output should look like:


For more login info, see the section entitled:
     'Providing a private key to ssh' in ' -h'

left-client's geni_status is: ready (am_status:ready)
User xuanliu logs in to left-client using:
    ssh -p 34106  -i /Users/xliu/.ssh/id_rsa
    ssh -p 34106  -i /Users/xliu/.ssh/geni_cert_portal_key

server's geni_status is: ready (am_status:ready)
User xuanliu logs in to server using:
    ssh -i /Users/xliu/.ssh/id_rsa
    ssh -i /Users/xliu/.ssh/geni_cert_portal_key

NOTE: If your user is not listed, try using the --no-keys option. 

You can copy and paste the ssh command to a terminal (for Linux or Max OS) or you can use the information from the command on any ssh client.

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