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Title of the Experiment

Image Map

1. Design the Experiment

2. Establish the Environment

  1. Execute these commands:
        $ cd mydir
        $ ssh

Expected Output

   This is the output that I should see

3. Obtain Resources

  1. Use diagrams and screenshots to show topologies and user interfaces. Label your figures for easy reference.
    Login information for a VM

    Figure (1)
  1. Videos are a great tool to illustrate multi-step visual processes. Make sure to also include the textual steps, however, in case they are not able to play the video.
Login to Flack Video
  1. Go to and press the Log in button
  2. From the select authority drop down menu, select the site authority for your GENI account, most probably and press the Download button
  3. Answer yes in the pop-up window
  4. Login to the new window using your GENI account
  5. Reload the Flack tab and repeat steps 1 and 2
  6. After your private key and certificate are loaded, type your GENI passphrase in the box
  7. Select the sites you want. For this tutorial we only need the site.


Warning Your sliver will expire in 2 days!


Note Write down your slice name on your worksheet.


Tip You can download your certificate from your slice authority.


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