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Basic outline

Draft Template

  • at the top and possibly small ones at the bottom
  • clickable to allow them to jump back and forth between steps
  • horizontally oriented to take up little vertical space
  • not too wide so it will fit on a common browser width


  • This is a must!
  • Show me a picture of what I am going to do (topology, block diagram)
  • What is this tutorial going to show me?
  • What knowledge am I expected to walk away with?


  • What equipment/software am I expected to bring to this tutorial?
  • What knowledge am I expected to have/obtain before arriving?
  • What credentials do I need to have to do this tutorial and how do I get them?


  • What tools am I going to be using?
  • References to guides for installing and using the tools
  • Try to remove some of the "magic" here. We often want to gloss over some of the tools for the sake of time.
    • Give them a place where they can get some clarification if they don't know what the tools is or what it is doing


  • Follow the high-level experiment steps
    • Design/Setup
    • Execute
    • Finish
  • Consistent icons
  • Number/Letter the steps to allow easy reference during the tutorial
  • Use indentation to make the steps easy to follow (and check off along the way if printed out)
  • Consider using small videos
  • Make it clear what the user should enter vs. what the user should see
    • We should chose a wiki format to use for this
  • Put scripts, example output in a box with a fixed width font to distinguish from instructions
        $ cd mydir
        $ ssh
  • Always show expected results so the experimenter can verify that they are on the right track.
  • Cross-reference new terms and acronyms to a glossary when possible
  • Include figures and screenshots as much as possible. A picture is worth a thousand words.

How to get help:

  • When I do this at home, who/how can I ask for help?


  • Where can I get more information?
  • Troubleshooting pages or FAQs
  • GENI Glossary?


  • "At Home Worksheet" Example
  • Info/Checkoff Sheet
  • Set up classroom in groups of two if you want people to pair up


  • How do we get people to do the pre-work?
  • How to deal with people who come in late?
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