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    22= GENI Desktop and GEMINI Tutorial =
    4 == '''Background Information''' ==
     4== '''Tutorial Overview''' ==
    6  The GEMINI instrumentation and measurement services must be applied
    7  to an existing slice.  This tutorial assumes the reader is familiar
    8  with the process of creating slices, and we do not describe the steps
    9  needed to create a slice in this tutorial.  However, in this tutorial
    10  we will be using a particular example topology.  We also assume the
    11  user will access the topology using the user workspace VM designed
    12  specifically for this tutorial.  The example topology RSPEC and the
    13  instructions for accessing the slice using the user workspace are
    14  given here a background information.
     6This tutorial will introduce you to the GENI Desktop web service
     7for viewing and working with your slices/experiments.  It will also introduce
     8you to the instrumentation and measurement services provided by GEMINI which
     9can be accessed via the GENI Desktop.
     11The tutorial will begin with a presentation and demonstration of the GENI
     12Desktop and its features and capabilities, along with a demonstration of the
     13measurement information available from the GEMINI measurement services.
     15Following the intial presentation and overview, attendees will be assigned a
     16set of exercises that they will work through individually to gain experience
     17using the GENI Desktop and GEMINI.  Each exercise is designed to illustrate a
     18different feature, or set of features, of the GENI Desktop and GEMINI.
     20== '''Prerequisites''' ==
     22The tutorial assumes that attendees already have a GENI Portal account and
     23now how to login and create slices via the GENI Portal or Flack.
     24For the purposes of this tutorial we will be using the following
     26Attendees should have created a slice with this topology prior to the start
     27of the tutorial, or should do it as soon as the tutorial starts.  Note, that
     28when the slice is created, it must be created with the GEMINI extensions
     31Useful Background Links:
    1532   a. [wiki:GEMINI/Tutorial/GEC15/Background/VM Getting and using the user workspace]
    16    a. [wiki:GEMINI/Tutorial/GEC15/Background/Topology Creating the Tutorial Topology]
     33   a. [wiki:GEMINI/Tutorial/GEC15/Background/Topology Creating a example Topology]
    1835== '''The Tutorial''' ==