Lab Zero: A First Experiment Using GENI

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1. Establish the Environment

1.1 Pre-work: Create a GENI account

  1. Go to and press the Use GENI button
  2. Where prompted, begin typing your organization's name, and select it from the list. If you got an account through the GENI Identity Provider, type GENI Project Office.
    Tip Start typing the name of your institution and see the list become smaller.
  3. You will be transferred to the Login Page of your institution. Fill in your username and password.
  4. Complete the form that appears after you have successfully logged in and press Continue.
  5. You will be transferred to an Activation Page. Make sure both checkboxes are checked and then press Activate.
Figure 2-1 Logging into the GENI Experimenter Portal.

Congratulations, you have successfully created a GENI account.

1.2 Pre-work: Project lead adds you to a project

In order to use the portal to reserve resources, you must join a project. We have created a project for this tutorial.

  1. The tutorial organizers should have added you to the project for this tutorial. On the home page, you should see that you are a member of at least one project.
    Tip If you are not doing this exercise as part of an in-person tutorial please sign up for a GENI account and join a project.

1.3 Generate and Download SSH Keypair

Access to compute resources in GENI is provided through ssh key pairs and thus the portal needs a public key to upload to compute resources. For the purposes of the tutorial we will have the portal create an SSH key pair for you. (However, if you prefer to use your personal public key you can choose to upload it.)

  1. Once you are logged in, click on your name in the upper right hand corner and select SSH Keys from the pulldown menu.
  2. On the new page, select the generate and download an SSH keypair button.
  1. Enter the same passphrase twice, then press Generate SSH private key. Note: You will need to remember the passphrase later in the tutorial.
Download an SSH Key Pair
Figure 2-4 Download an SSH Key Pair.

Mac OS X/Linux

  1. Now, click the Download Private Key button.
  2. In a command line terminal, move your key to the appropriate location and ensure that it has the right permissions by typing (replacing ~/Downloads/ with actual location if necessary):
    mv ~/Downloads/id_geni_ssh_rsa ~/.ssh/.
    chmod 0600 ~/.ssh/id_geni_ssh_rsa
  3. (Mac and Linux only) Finally, add this key to the ssh agent by typing:
    ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_geni_ssh_rsa

Windows PuTTY

  1. Now, click the Download PuTTY Key button, and save the key to your computer.
  2. Later you will need to remember the location of the key.

Windows FireSSH

  1. Now, click the Download Private Key button, and save the key to your computer.
  2. Later you will need to remember the location of the key.

1.4 Launch jFed

  1. Go back to the Tools menu at the top of the GENI Portal page
  2. Click jFed to start up the jFed tool.


Obtain Resources

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