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     111  2.3 '''Install Alternate Paths'''
     112    2.3.1 List Flows
     115      The Flow Install module allows you to list existing end-to-end flows (Refresh List button) you have added using the GENI Desktop as well as individual flow entries (possibly) installed using other tools that interact with the controller REST API.
     117      Note that end-to-end flows display the path a flow follows from one host to another instead of displaying low-level details. For individual flow entries, information about the match fields is shown (e.g. ARP flows).
     118      [[Image(list_flows.png)]]
     120    2.3.2 Delete a Flow
     121      With the flows listed, it is straightforward to remove an existing path. For this tutorial we will leave the communication from h1 to h2 intact (i.e. shortest path), but you will select and remove the flow that goes from h2 to h1.
     123    2.3.3 Defining an Alternate Path
     125Defining an Alternate Path
     128Using the topology view, you will select all the elements (links and nodes) across an alternate path that communicate h2 with h1. In the flow definition section, select h2 as source node and define the path as a one-way flow. Leave the information about ports blank and install the new flow.
     133Tip: Select multiple elements by holding the CTRL key and clicking on the desired element.
     137End-to-End flow(s) installed successfully.
     140    2.3.4 Testing New Path
     142      With the new path installed, you should be able to ping again from h1 to h2.
     143      {{{
     144user@h1:~$ ping h2
     145PING h2-link-4 ( 56(84) bytes of data.
     14664 bytes from h2-link-4 ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 time=2.64 ms
     14764 bytes from h2-link-4 ( icmp_seq=2 ttl=64 time=2.16 ms
     148      }}}
     150      Notice the extra delay added to the communication because we are using a longer path.
    110153  * [wiki:GENIExperimenter/Tutorials/GENIDesktop/05032016/ready_init_instr View resources while they are being created, initialized and Instrumentized]
    111154 1. '''[wiki:GENIExperimenter/Tutorials/GENIDesktop/05032016/GENI_Desktop_runcmd Running Experiments:]''' Load and execute code
    113156 1. '''[wiki:GENIExperimenter/Tutorials/GENIDesktop/05032016/GENIDesktop_CLI GENIDesktop CLI:]''' Perform GENIDesktop operations using a Command Line Interface.
    115 == Create Experiment ==
    117 1. Login to GENIDesktop
    119 1.1 === Create Slice ===
    120 1.2 === Allocate Resources using JACKS and the GENIDesktop ===
    122 1.3 ==== Wait for slice to be allocated and instrumentized ===
    124 The controller node will automatically be added by the GENIDesktop when the slice is allocated.
    126 In this tutorial we will be using [ Open vSwitch (OVS)] to represent OpenFlow Software Switches and XEN VMs to represent hosts. The controller node is automatically added by the GENIDesktop. The general topology is:
    127  [[Image(topo.png)]]
    129 1.
    130 1.