SDN Tutorial Using GENIDesktop and Adopt-A-GENI

The Adopt-A-GENI project makes it easy to incorporate SDN network resources into a GENI experiment.

This tutorial will guide you through the automatic process of setting up a Software-Defined Networking experiment using the GENIDesktop. You will perform flow management and monitoring tasks using the GENIDesktop's modules and the topology view of the experiment.


In this experiment you will learn how to do the following tasks:

  • Enable Adopt-A-GENI (AAG) features in the GENI Desktop
  • Setup an SDN experiment using OVS and Floodlight/RYU controller with NO manual configuration
  • Setup and configure shortest path flows for communication between hosts through a graphical module
  • Interact with the topology view of the network to install custom flows
  • Live monitor flow counters present at installed flow rules
  • Distribute a single flow entry to multiple OVS nodes



  • Latest version of Firefox or Google Chrome browser
  • Pop-up blockers and Javascript blockers disabled

Where to get help:

Tutorial Instructions


  1. Create The Slice
  2. Install Paths
  3. Monitor Traffic
  4. Flow Entries
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