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Experimenter Tools

GENI experimenter tools cover a range of topics:

  • resource reservation tools are used to create slices, add (or remove) resources to slices, and often to draw experimental topologies,
  • instrumentation and measurement tools are used to measure statistics on your nodes and orchestrate the experiment procedure,
  • services running on GENI are applications which run on GENI but which are available to GENI experimenters,
  • monitoring tools provide insight into the resource utilization of GENI itself, and
  • GENI-federated and outside tools are resources or testbeds available to experimenters with GENI credentials.

Resource Reservation Tools

Instrumentation and Measurement Tools

  • GENI Desktop Measure and graph statistics on your slice.
  • LabWiki An experiment orchestration tool.

Services Running on GENI

Monitoring Tools

The GENI Meta Operations Center (GMOC) is actively working in deploying a monitoring infrastructure that is going to be available to all experimenters. Stay tuned for more info!

In the meantime, if you want to monitor outages of GENI resources register for the GMOC Google Calendars for scheduled and unscheduled outages.

GENI-federated and outside tools