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The Global Environment for Network Innovations – GENI – is a suite of research infrastructure rapidly taking shape in prototype form across the United States. It is sponsored by the National Science Foundation, with the goal of providing a laboratory environment for networking and distributed systems research and education.  It is well suited for exploring networks at scale thereby promoting innovations in network science, security, services and applications.
Omni Client

Getting Started

GENI is a networked federation of multiple testbeds that form a large-scale distributed testbed that you can use in a classroom or in tutorials to teach students networking and distributed system concepts. If you want to either use GENI in your class, or you would like to do a GENI tutorial you will have to first create a GENI project and then choose the material you want to present.

Resources for using GENI in the classroom

GENI is a federated virtual laboratory that provides access to multiple different testbeds to GENI experimenters, enabling networking and distributed systems research. These are some useful pointers that will help you navigate through the GENI world. Feel free to email us with any questions you might have at

GENI Tutorials!
GENI Resources
Example Assignments
Resources for Instructors
Help using GENI for education