Setup your GENI project

In order for you and your students to get access to GENI resources you will need to get GENI accounts. Every GENI experimenter has to be associated with at least one GENI project, so you will have to create one. It is best to create a separate project for each event. For example if you are planning to use GENI for a course make a new project only for that.

  1. Using the GENI portal: Since 2012, GPO has been developing a new ClearingHouse, that presents a unified view of GENI to experimenters and integrates access with various research institutions. The portal is open for use, but keep in mind that it is still under development. To setup your project this way see these instructions

If you are not sure which method to choose, please send us an email.

Setup access for attendees

Depending on how much control you have over who is attending your GENI event you have two options about how to give access to GENI to the participants:

  1. Personal GENI accounts. If you have control, or you know in advance, who is going to need access to GENI, then you should ask them to join your project and get individual GENI accounts. This approach works best for classes, or in tutorials that pre-registration is required.
  2. Temporary Tutorial accounts. If your event is a one time tutorial, and access to GENI is needed only for the duration of the event then you could ask us to create for you a set of temporary accounts as part of your project. In your email please include:
    1. the name of your project and whether it is a project at or at the GENI portal
    2. the number of temporary accounts you will need
    3. the prefix for your accounts, all accounts will be of the form <prefix>uxx, the prefix should be at most 7 characters long and should be indicative of your event. For example if you are doing a tutorial at SIGCOM 2013, then the prefix can be sig13
    4. the email address that you want us to use as alias for the account email addresses. Each GENI account is associated with an email address so that experimenters can be notified about their GENI resources, in the case of temporary accounts, we associate the email address to an actual email address, in that way you can be notified abou the activity of these accounts.
    5. the date, time and duration of your event

NOTE:For one-time tutorials we suggest a combination of the two above approaches, i.e. you should try to have your attendees get personal accounts before your event, but also have a set of temporary accounts for people that show up at the last moment, or have not done the pre-work before your event.

Presentation material

Over the years we have generated a lot of presentation material that you can reuse, there is no point in starting from scratch.

Intro to GENI talk

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