HyperNet Ring Demo

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  • After you double-clicked the "exampleRing.jar" application, all you need to do is wait until it finishes.
    • If you see any error from the window, please inform us.
  • When the HyperNet finished executing, log on to Flack to see generated topology. The HyperNet will generate several applications on the same directory: "addKey", "node0", "node1" and "node2".
    • *Only needs to be done once* Double-click "addKey" to add your GENI Portal ssh private key to the authentication agent -- you need to type in your passphrase (the one you used when creating your GENI Portal account)
    • Double-click any of the "node" icon to log onto the nodes in your Ring topology

For Semi-advanced Users

  • Open myConfig.txt file in your HyperNet directory (exampleRing/)
  • Try to change some parameters and then run exampleRing.jar again and see how it goes.
    • HyperNetName is the name of your HyperNet. Combined with your username, it becomes your slice name in GENI
    • am points to the aggregate manager, or you can simply specify protoGENI, instaGENI or exoGENI
    • nodeType is the type of resources you getting. You can use pc, raw-pc, vm, openvz, xen, or kvm
    • nodeNum specifies the number of nodes on your ring topology
    • server points to the hypervisor server

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